Published On: 1 September 2023|2.2 min read|

Located in the centre  of Derry there’s a lively piece of artwork that pays homage to a TV series and the resilient spirit of the local community. The Derry Girls Mural, created by UV Arts, a non-profit organisation, adorns the side of Badgers Bar and Restaurant. It adds a burst of colour to Orchard Street and invites passersby into a world filled with laughter, nostalgia and historical significance.


A Celebration of Derry’s Iconic Show


Standing tall with pride, the Derry Girls Mural immortalises the cast of ‘Derry Girls’,  an award winning comedy series that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Written by Lisa McGee, a native of Derry, this heartwarming and humorous show revolves around five second level students — Erin Quinn, Orla McCool, Clare Devlin, Michelle Mallon and James Maguire — as they navigate the complexities of adolescence during the 1990s amidst a very challenging period in Northern Ireland’s history.

The mural beautifully captures the essence of the characters bringing them to life in a depiction that reflects the show’s cleverness, humour and emotional depth. It goes beyond being a work of art; it stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to bring people together across times and places.


A Show That Stole Hearts

‘Derry Girls’ burst onto our screens in January 2018 instantly winning over audiences across the UK and beyond. The clever writing, relatable characters and unique mix of humour and heartbreak struck a chord with viewers immersing them into the lives of these women and their hilarious adventures.

Situated opposite Foyleside Shopping Centre, the location of the mural adds to its accessibility — making it an absolute must see for both fans and curious newcomers alike. The shows’ popularity has only grown over time with subsequent seasons continuing to captivate viewers. The mural serves as a tribute not to the shows’ characters but also to its exploration of universal themes such as friendship, family bonds and human resilience.


Art Reflecting Community

The fact that the mural is situated on the side of Badger’s Bar and Restaurant further highlights the blending of culture and artistic expression. It serves as a space where both locals and visitors can come together, admire the skill involved and engage in conversations about how those characters depicted in the mural have influenced their lives and contributed to the city’s history.

‘Derry Girls’ has rightfully earned its place in television history, receiving widespread acclaim. Its availability on Netflix Worldwide has allowed it to reach a huge audience, enabling people from various parts of the world to connect with its characters and captivating storyline.